Are you having computer problems? Is your laptop or desktop behaving weirdly, running slowly or just not doing what it should? Do you have printers and cameras and other such add-ons that won’t work? Is it all driving you completely batty?

More importantly, are you living in the Huon Valley and despairing of having to drive to Hobart? Because you just know what they’ll tell you: we’ll have to send it to Sydney for repairs, it’ll take six weeks and it’s going to cost you a bazillion dollars – if you’re lucky!

If you’re in the Huon and you’re having computer problems, you need Huon Computer Solutions.

Paul Sleigh is a computer expert with thirty years experience fixing everything from dodgy disk drives to pernicious printers, from incomprehensible instructions to scrambled systems. He can get in to any computer and make it work. He does house calls, he fixes things fast, and he charges a lot less than you’d expect.

Email Paul at Huon Computer Solutions or give him a call on (03) 6297 9959, 8am to 8pm any day. And then relax. It’s that easy.

Arve Falls Redux by Adam Harvey, published under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.