A simple plugin to display Baronial awards. Its no Canon Lore, but it will do.


1. Produce two CSV files, awards.csv and people.csv. Each must have their column names as the first row. Columns are as follows:


Abbreviation: a unique abbreviation for an award
Award: the name of the award
Description: a short but informative human-readable description of the award


Name: a person’s SCA name
Award: the abbreviation of an award they received
Date: the date they received it, in dd/mm/yyyy format

Where a person received multiple awards, there’s no need to repeat the name on each row; leave it blank.

2. Upload the CSV files to your WordPress installation and take note of the media identification numbers: hover your mouse over the Delete Permanently link and take note of the post number in the URL. It will be in the form http://…/wp-admin/post.php?post=NUMBER&action=delete&… Jot down the number for each of your uploaded CSV files.

3. Create or edit a page and put in a shortcode as follows:

[​baronial-awards awards-media=”NUMBER” people-media=”NUMBER”]

Provided you’ve done everything right, the plugin will produce a tidy list of all awards and recipients, in a tabbed view.


Source code: as a zip file