I write a lot of WordPress themes and plugins, and other software in assorted languages. Here is where I put the documentation. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re using something I wrote and you want more information about it. I hope I can provide!

Project Description Technologies Status
Advent Advent calendar plugin WordPress, PHP Unknown
Calendrical TBC WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Canon Lore 2.0 OP website plugin WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JQuery In Development
Capitalist TBC WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Carminow Permission letter generator PHP, JQuery In Development
Cartwield Shopping cart plugin WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Centralia TBC WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Chronic TBC WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Dering (Roll of Arms) WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Flex Australis Theme WordPress, PHP Ongoing Support
Formrunner Bespoke racing form analyser PHP, MySQL Ongoing Support
Fourem WordPress/Facebook linkage plugin WordPress, PHP Planning
GameKeeper Games library Delphi, PHP, MySQL Complete
HBR Gallery Photo gallery display plugin WordPress, PHP Complete
Idus Martii TBC WordPress, PHP, ? Unknown
Metronome Bespoke timekeeper webapp PHP, MySQL, JQuery Complete
Mundania Postcode lookup plugin WordPress, PHP Unknown
Spreadex TBC WordPress, PHP, XSLT Unknown
Switch General purpose timekeeper app Delphi Planning